Drawing with love and passion

That's me


Pencils were my first love


It took me half my life to recognize, that there is a direct connection between a happy life and the time spent with things that fill your heart with joy.


Just like you, I'm mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, neighbour and much more and my days are usually busier than I like them to be.


That's why I love those timeouts in my studio, pencils in hand, completely immersed in the creative process, away from everything that fills my mind.


For me drawing is meditation, relaxation and therapy all in one. It's what pushes me out of bed in the morning, what motivates me, the fire inside that burns anew each day.


I don't have any artistic education and everything I've achieved, I learned through practicing (a lot!) and a lot of advice from my wonderful art colleagues, who I'm extremely grateful for, that they shared their knowledge and experiences with me.


These pages are supposed to be an inspiration for you. I want to create a collection of advice, tips and illustrative materials, where you will find, what youre searching for and what will bring you forward.


My wish is, that after visiting these pages, you don't want nothing more than sharpen your pencils and start drawing.


Of course I'd be happy to accept commissions, too ;)